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peter csizmar

The picture above I created one morning at my good friend Sipi’s sisters place in Budapest

I was bringing up artworks to be auctioned by a TV station RTL club,…at the time some part of Hungary was going through a devastating flood.

I needed a place to stay, my friend Sipi offered to help

his sister was renting an (Apartment) at famous Vaci utca – I loved that street.

That was the place where I met with Sinkovics Ede. I wake up in the morning and started to organize my art…

Took out a brand new clean paper and started this piece, suddenly there is noise from the apartment.

I thought that I was alone. The girls left to work early morning…

Anyway, some dude just woken up and say hi…how are you …who are you? What you do?

Questions, answers, …hot drinks and laughter

Turns out that Ede at that time had a huge art studio…an old factory a building with tremendous character in Budapest. He finished the Art academy in Budapest and he was an emerging young Artist at the time, with huge success and achievements in Budapest.

I soaked in every moment of our conversation.

He invited me to go visit his studio. It was a significant experience.

Sinkovics EdE's Profile
Sinkovics Ede at his studio

Thank you everyone who contributed to that trip, it was amazing.

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